Cavendish Pianos really are in a field of their own

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The Times, February 27 2013 [original article] Harrods may no longer sell pianos, but there’s still a future for the old joanna — in an idyllic Yorkshire dale When Harrods closed its piano department this month, brusquely declaring that pianos “no longer warranted the space”, many commentators were quick to proclaim a symbolic moment. Out rolled the obituaries: yes, the old joanna has had a good run (Bartolomeo Cristofori made the first three centuries ago), but surely the rise of electronic keyboards has now rendered it as obsolete as the typewriter. The figures seem to justify the gloom. Fewer than 5,000 new “acoustic” pianos are sold in Britain each tear, compared with 20,000 in the 1980’s. […]

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