Bluthner Model 11Baby Grand

Steinway are well known for their larger grand pianos. If you are looking for the highest quality baby grand many recommend the famous model 11 from Bluthner.

This example from 1991 is a very rare opportunity to purchase an as new Bluthner.

If space is at a premium but you don’t want to miss out on concert-like performance our smallest grand piano model 11-154 will fill your home, music room or studio with the Golden Tone. Its secret lies in the design and construction of the soundboard as well as the length of the strings and their tension – a secret that we have kept in our family for over 160 years since the birth of the Golden Tone.

  • Length: 154 cm | 5’1″
  • Width: 152 cm | 5′
  • Weight: 280 kg
Experience the Golden Tone for yourself…


IMG_0835 IMG_0836