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Beauty in sound and sight

Those who consider buying a piano today are entitled to the highest standards available. First, sound is of the most importance, as music is, above all, a listening experience. Second, a piano’s visual appearance determines its overall beauty and sound. Pianos should harmonise with one’s environment and lifestyle.
These are the standards to which Sauter build pianos so that their ambition and success is justified. Pianos by Sauter are pleasing because of their sparkling sound, fine playing-experience, and high expressiveness. Additionally, they are an inspiration because of their first class appearance and perfect workmanship.

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Yorkshire Pianos is the only UK stockist of Sauter grands.

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about Sauter Pianos

Sauter Design Series – designed by Peter Maly

The piano created for today´s living concepts

This conveys Peter Maly*, internationally recognised designer for interiors who dealt with the subject `piano´ exclusively for Sauter. Maly´s understanding of design is marked by original forms combined with the utmost functionality as well as perfection in manufacturing. Many of his designs are already recognised as modern classics.
Sauter pianos designed by Peter Maly largely match the Sauter Master Class pianos, with respect to their technique: the sounding board, 25% bigger, is characterised by the unique “Sauter Spherical Concavity®” and the speciality of Sauter, the double repetition action of grand pianos (for more detailed information please refer to page 16). Here, as well, the sounding board is solely made from the finest spruce from the `Val di Fiemme´ in the high region of South Tyrol, grown at an altitude of 1,100 meters. For a better playing sensation, half tones (sharps and flats) are made of ebony. The cast plate is hand-ground and complemented with a precious finish. Experienced pianists, whose piano is in focus at their home, will be thrilled by the touch and appearance of this design piano.
* More about the works and person of the designer Peter Maly can be found in the new book: Peter Maly, Hamburg, author Bernd Polster, Dumont-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8321-7771-3, published in 2007, and which can be purchased in book stores (but it’s probably all in German).


the world’s finest pianos

For over 150 years,the name Bechstein has been synonymous with the greatest pianos. Throughout these years, Bechstein pianos have been patronised by the world’s greatest artists and composers. Bechstein has given voice to performers from the classical masters to the modern legends.

Characterized by their distinctive, mellifluous clarity of tone, underpinned by perfect touch and a staggering dynamic range, they fulfill the needs of any pianist.

Unlike some prestigious marques of piano which are designed along the lines of concert hall pianos with a strong tone and high volume for playing against an orchestra, Bechsteins were created for the pianist who requires both richness of tone and subtlety. These qualities render Bechstein pianos the ideal instrument for interpretation of the modern piano repertoire, as Claude Debusssy said:

 Man solte Klaviermusik nur fur den C. Bechstein schreiben“.

” Piano music should be written only for the Bechstein”.

A bold claim indeed, but it is for this reason that no manor house, stately home and chateau, was complete without its famous Bechstein piano.