Grand Pianos


cavlogomonoThe British Piano


F 160 E

Cavendish Baby Grand



Cavendish Boudoir Grand




Bora grand piano


P 159 Bora

The little big grand piano

Its size is the only thing that makes the Bora a small instrument. As soon as the hammers hit the strings, you will discover its wonderful, rich and surprisingly powerful sound. Once again we have put the very best materials, technology and design features of concert instruments into its construction. Its potential greatly transcends its actual size. Professional players favour it for practice purposes and domestic use.


Breeze Grand Piano



P 173 Breeze

Romantic spirit

The Breeze has gentle and romantic caress. Its effortless touch renders it all the more inspiring and personal. If you let it, it will reach into the innermost recesses of your soul. With its kind assistance you will dare to venture where previously you might have been afraid even to look. Its perfect proportions make it an enhancement to any stylish household or educational institution.



Storm Grand Piano


P 194 Storm

Arouses a storm of emotions

The Storm is true to its name, being the piano with the greatest sound potential of the whole Standard Series. It imprints a deep emotional experience within the pianist, and in the hearts of the listeners, that often cannot be put into words. The uniqueness of the moment will strike you as soon as you hear the first sounds coming from this the largest piano in the Standard Series. Its versatility builds bridges across musical genres. It is popular with a demanding clientele and colleges of music, as well as for musical performances at smaller halls and functions.


Beauty in sound and sight

Those who consider buying a piano today are entitled to the highest standards available. First, sound is of the most importance, as music is, above all, a listening experience. Second, a piano’s visual appearance determines its overall beauty and sound. Pianos should harmonise with one’s environment and lifestyle.
These are the standards to which Sauter build pianos so that their ambition and success is justified. Pianos by Sauter are pleasing because of their sparkling sound, fine playing-experience, and high expressiveness. Additionally, they are an inspiration because of their first class appearance and perfect workmanship.

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about Sauter Pianos

Sauter Design Series – designed by Peter Maly

The piano created for today´s living concepts

This conveys Peter Maly*, internationally recognised designer for interiors who dealt with the subject `piano´ exclusively for Sauter. Maly´s understanding of design is marked by original forms combined with the utmost functionality as well as perfection in manufacturing. Many of his designs are already recognised as modern classics.
Sauter pianos designed by Peter Maly largely match the Sauter Master Class pianos, with respect to their technique: the sounding board, 25% bigger, is characterised by the unique “Sauter Spherical Concavity®” and the speciality of Sauter, the double repetition action of grand pianos (for more detailed information please refer to page 16). Here, as well, the sounding board is solely made from the finest spruce from the `Val di Fiemme´ in the high region of South Tyrol, grown at an altitude of 1,100 meters. For a better playing sensation, half tones (sharps and flats) are made of ebony. The cast plate is hand-ground and complemented with a precious finish. Experienced pianists, whose piano is in focus at their home, will be thrilled by the touch and appearance of this design piano.
* More about the works and person of the designer Peter Maly can be found in the new book: Peter Maly, Hamburg, author Bernd Polster, Dumont-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-8321-7771-3, published in 2007, and which can be purchased in book stores (but it’s probably all in German).