Sauter Cura

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the Shaker piano

Cura, the Shaker piano, is inspired by the puritan and perfectly crafted furniture typical of the American Shaker religious movement of the 18th Century.
The ideal setting for the Cura is characterised by natural materials: by woods such as linen or cotton, along with terracotta and woolen carpets.
” I stand in great admiration of the wonderfully simple cherry-wood furniture of the Shakers, for it form a link with my modern design concept, imbued as it is with the desire for the greatest possible simplicity – whilst at the same time ensuring the highest quality of materials and manufacture.” Peter Maly
Cura has a classically-constructed frame and infill panels veneered in cherry. Cura has hand-turned brackets of cherry-wood, and feet and hinged candle holders in matt-finish high-grade steel. The lid is shaped into a single elegant sweep.
The beautiful waxes finish to the piano emphasises its natural character.
RR Double repetition, music holder with leather detailing, matt chrome finish castors and mounts.
Cura is available in cherry and pine.
Height: 134 cm
Depth: 61 cm
Width: 145 cm