Sauter Onda

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the piano in its elemental form

Onda, the piano in its elemental form, is the quintessence of minimalist design.
The body and keyboard form a solid backdrop for the focal point of the piano – an undulating panel. Yet although Onda is essentially of simple construction, it also has something of the grand piano about it.
Onda is the ideal complement to the new minimalist look. A spacious room scattered with a few functional accessories and items of furniture provides the perfect setting for the piano’s simple yet stylish lines.
Materials which are typical of this look include light wood, cool metal and fabrics in natural shades.
Onda is constructed from a number of distinct, clearly demarcated components. Broad wooden side panels enclose the piano body, lending it stability and substance. The keyboard – made from light beech or maple wood like the sides – is set into the undulating panel.
The panel which forms the front of the piano has a horizontal “wave” running through it – hence the name Onda, which means wave.
As a special design feature, Onda is fitted with two top panels which can be opened upwards like wings. As well as forming a highly effective sound board, they lend the instrument the feel of a grand piano.
To round off the picture, Onda stands on curved metal feet.
Features: Chrome-plated fittings, R2 Double repetition action, muffler pedal.
Onda is available in Maple / silver and beech satined
Height: 123.5 cm
Depth: 59.5 cm
Width: 152 cm