Sauter Pure

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less is more

PURE “less is more”- as little as possible, as much as necessary. The aim was archetypal, reduction to the essential. Nothing superfluous, but full of concentration; stillness and tension at the same time – just like before a big concert: PURE 2000, the purist upright piano. Purism is the art of avoiding the superfluous. The form radiates peace which inspires both soul and player.
Pure 2000 is like the room for which it was designed. It is an upright which fits into a bright living environment with simple walls and modern art. The essence of its aesthetics is the generous design which emphasizes the surfaces.
In the “PURE 2000 noble” version, the surfaces have a gloss lacquer finish. The characteristic corner details are emphasized by flush-fitting chromium-plated metal sections giving this upright its modern elegance.
Details accentuate the essential design. A fine finger groove makes the upright easy to open.
Accessories: Chromium-plated fittings, R2 grand technology, moderator (soft pedal), round height-adjustable feet.
” PURE noble”is available in polished black, polished cayenne red, polished white, polished black / zebrano or polished black / walnut.
” PURE basic” is available in matt white / maple, matt black / walnut or matt white
Rectilinear piano stool with metal pedestal, the ideal complement to the understated elegance of PURE.
Height: 123.5 cm
Depth: 59.5 cm
Width: 156 cm