Yamaha Certified Reconditioned U1 & U3



Price: U1 £4,250

Price: U3 £4,690

Condition: as new

Dimensions U1: Hight 121cm, Width 151cm, Depth 62cm

Dimensions U3: Hight 130.5cm, Width 153.5cm, Depth 65cm



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What does Yamaha Cetified Reconditioned mean?

The Yamaha U1 and U3 pianos are probably the most common second-hand pianos for sale in the UK. There are even some dealers who sell nothing else. They buy containers of used pianos from China or Japan and sell them off in the UK. These pianos vary in quality and may be good, bad or indifferent. They may have had some remedial work done to them internally and they will have had the outer case buffed to look nice and shiny. However, these piano are a far cry from Yamaha’s own certified pianos. Yamaha have access  not only to their trained technicians but also, more importantly, to parts (which they do not sell to other companies). As is rightly stated on many websites, parts wear out and need replacing (you may have read about loop cords) but there are many other parts that have a similar life-span and also need replacing. Yamaha have exceptionally high standards and replace parts wholesale as standard.

These pianos cannot be compared to other second-hand U1 and U3 pianos which are not Certified Reconditioned by Yamaha.

If you are in any doubt, please visit our showroom where you can see first-hand the differences between a normal grey market Yamaha and a Certified Yamaha.

The biggest surprise is there is very little difference in price!