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Yorkshire Pianos, set in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, is home to one of the largest selection of grand pianos and upright pianos for sale in the north of England. Most importantly, we are not just piano sellers but piano builders! Cavendish Pianos are built on site. We are the UK’s last remaining piano builder! Come and see pianos being built and experience the joy of playing a new, British made piano!


Whether you are looking for a grand piano for a concert hall, an upright piano for your school or home, or just an inexpensive piano for your child to learn on, we have what you’re looking for.

Our piano showrooms have a vast range of the best upright upright pianos and the grandest of grand pianos in the world.


Never played a Steinway grand? Visit our showrooms and try them all out, no pressure, no hard sell, just a love of good music and a desire to find you the best piano for your needs.

“Wow! it’s a beautiful piano…
really lovely with a beautiful sound”

Jamie Cullum


Jamie Cullum


Cavendish Pianos

Yorkshire Pianos also incorporates the manufacturing premises of Cavendish Pianos.  It was found that traditional skills do still exist in England such as piano string making, felt making for hammers, action building and cabinet making, and bringing them together it was possible to create a piano in this country.  England is no stranger to piano making, but sadly the craft had waned and eventually disappeared and we felt it was our job to resurrect it.  Orders are rapidly being taken throughout the UK as more people are embracing a return to the characterful sound of an European Piano. 

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