Cavendish Contemporary Upright Piano

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awardflashThanks to longer keys, a larger area of soundboard, and longer hand-made bass strings, our ‘Contemporary’ model upright offers greater sensitivity of touch and an enhanced dynamic range to produce a very impressive richness of sound for the discerning pianist. The exceptional mellow clarity of tone and superb sustain make them a delight to play
Dimensions:121cm high, 153cm wide, 62cm deep .

Price: £8,500

Most mass produced piano makers find it more cost effective to make pedal actions from a variety of tubular metal and plastic parts. The shortcomings of such materials are various. Wear and tear on such parts can be high and failures can result after a short number of years. Metal parts are “clunky” producing unwanted mechanical noise. Cavendish only use Native grown ash and oak and British-made cloths and felts for their pedal parts. These are the traditional materials and can be seen to have lasted a hundred years in older pianos.

High gloss ebony piano-black finish as standard.

The Cavendish Promise

If you decide to trade-in your Cavendish upright piano for a new Cavendish grand piano at any time within ten years, you will receive a trade-in credit equal to your original purchase price.