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British and beautiful handmade by experts

The joy of playing a piano is a timeless pleasure that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. A piano will never go out of fashion, will never need to be need to be updated or “upgraded”. In a world of change a piano will always be there. At Cavendish Pianos we produce pianos in the traditional way. We do not use modern “wonder-plastics” to make our pianos, we are very happy with wood. Over time it has proved itself to be the best material. Some things cannot be improved upon.

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Yorkshire Pianos are proud to be  PETROF main dealer for the North of England.

Petrof are less known in the UK but are the largest European piano factory and regarded by many as the best. We keep an example range of Petrof Upright & Grand pianos in stock. All models are available to order.


Petrof P122. The Classic home piano.

As is well known, German pianos carry a very hefty pricetag. Petrof Pianos, made in Czech Republic, are universally regarded as equal to their german conterparts. In fact, many german piano makers use Czech republic to build their pianos!

For those looking for a prestigious, handbuilt, european toned piano Petrof is the obvious choice. Petrof have been building pianos since 1864 and, unlike most piano firms, is still owned and run by the family. Susanna Petrof is the sixth generation in the family business!

Suitable for all levels of playing, perhaps the most remarkable thing is that this beautiful, handbuilt piano retails for around the same price as a mass produced Yamaha U1!


Petrof P131. A European performance level piano.

As far as upright pianos go, it is difficult to improve on the Petrof P131. A piano with immense dynamic range with a warm, european, mellow heart. Using the highest possible components, this piano is the jewel in the crown of European piano manufacturing.