The Finch Family help build their very own Cavendish baby grand

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The Finch family have ordered a Cavendish grand piano. But, rather than just waiting for it to be built and taking delivery they took a more hands on approach… 

“Would it be possible to come along and help build the piano?” Asked Linda the mother of three very promising pianists. That question lead to a day at the factory helping build their very own baby grand piano.

 After a tour of the factory and an explanation of the parts the Finch family set about screwing in Capstons (A very important part of the piano which links the key to the action). Each member of the family had their own key and once their work was finished they signed the side of the key for prosterity.

 With a lifespan of around 100 years each key will be played hundreds of thousands of times and each time they will know that their work has made it all happen.

“It’s amazing to know that inside that piano is a part of my work that will be there for ever for archaeologists to see in the future”. 

“Well,”says mum, “hopefully it will make you practice more!”
A piano is an amazing object and all the more personal knowing that you have helped to make such a beautiful instrument.

Cavendish are happy to let prospective owners (Young or old) help build their very own piano.

More details….Cavendish Pianos

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